Pilates and You

By: Meabh McDonnell
Pilates and You
How Pilates Classes can benefit your lifestyle. An overview of Classes available in Limerick City.

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Have you ever looked at your the movie stars on your favourite fashion blogs and wondered how they all seem to look so toned and fit? I know I have. It may interest you to know that a huge number of these celebrities do not credit crazy diets or expensive personal trainers with their physique, but a simple <strong>Pilates</strong> regime. Among these celebrities are: well known actress Jennifer Aniston, Sex and the City’s Sarah Jessica Parker, former Miss World turned actress Vanessa Willliams and the queen of pop herself- Madonna. If you feel like toning and reshaping your body like just like these celebrities, joining a <strong>Pilates class</strong> may definitely be your cup of tea. Your first <strong>Pilates class</strong> will take you on a relaxed but well structured workout. The things that you may learn could be incredibly valuable to your fitness regime. In time Pilates will help you to improve your circulation and even relax and calm over tones muscles. Fashionable since the early 1990’s, Pilates will hopefully lend itself to your daily routine as it has with so many others. There are even <strong>Prenatal Pilates Classes</strong> available around the country, so if you are a mum to be and concerned about maintaining a fitness regime into you second and third trimester, then Pilates may be the class for you. Pilates is not in any way damaging to your unborn baby during the second or even the third trimester. Pilates strengthens and tones the muscles around your pelvis and your abdomen. This is very important during pregnancy as these will be the muscles which the most strain is put upon during pregnancy. It can also benefit your baby because the exercises help to keep the blood circulating throughout your body including the abdominal areas. The baby’s own oxygen and blood supply are fed through the placenta in this area, so improved blood circulation can only help them. Finally, all exercising releases endorphins and reduces stress levels, which is fantastic for anybody, but particularly helpful in stabilising the hormonal changes which occur throughout pregnancy. While you may have entered into your first Pilates class without any inhibitions you may have had nothing but a disused yoga mat. However you may come to find, as I have, that Pilates can involve a great deal of equipment. It begins as rubber balance balls and can escalate to intense Pilates metalwork machines. However in most classes all of this equipment is available for you to use so, there is not much to worry about. <strong>Pilates Classes in Limerick</strong> are available from Marian Conway, B.Sc. She is a STOTT certified Pilates instructor and offers group classes as well as one on one sessions within a range of venues around Limerick City and county. Alternative classes can be found in Riverview Clinic Limerick which is situated at 3 Broad Street, Limerick - across the river from Barrington’s Hospital and have a range of pain relief Pilates classes.
By: Meabh McDonnell

I am an experienced journalistic writer and editor.


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