The Wedding Dance – The Most Enjoyable Part Of The Reception

By: Fine Art Nature Photography
The Wedding Dance – The Most Enjoyable Part Of The Reception
One of the most enjoyable parts of the reception for every newlywed couple and their guests is the Wedding Dance.

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One of the most enjoyable parts of the reception for every newlywed couple and their guests is the <strong>Wedding Dance</strong>. This is usually is right after cutting the cake, while the newly married pair has all the attention of their guests. This is a perfect time to take pictures of the new family and all their friends and relatives, and capture all the happiness and high spirits of the occasion. There is etiquette involved when it comes to the first dance of the new couple. It is up to the bride and the groom to decide on the order of dancing, as there are many alternatives possible. The main rule when it comes to the <strong>Wedding Dance</strong> is that the bride and the groom always take to the floor first, and everyone watches them dancing together for the first time as a married couple. Some couples, who do not normally dance much in their everyday lives, take special <strong>dancing classes</strong> to make sure their <strong>Wedding Dance</strong> is well done. There is usually a Master of Ceremonies (MC) who is in charge of the reception, letting people know when it is their turn to give a speech, announcing the cutting of the cake and other traditional practices. Often, he oversees the dancing too, leading the event and calling on those whose turn it is to dance next. The MC knows in advance what order the couple prefer events to take place at their wedding reception, and those who are dancing will also have been informed that they should go on the dance floor once they are called by the MC. The music for the very first dance can vary. Some couples have their own 'special song' which relates to a special time they have spent together as a couple; other couples choose to dance to one of many famous love songs. As long as the couple is happy with the music selection for their wedding, the style of music played does not matter. After the first dance, the guests join the newlyweds on the dance floor and the dancing continues for several hours or more. There is no special etiquette about the order in which people dance with each other, but the idea is that the bride and groom should be welcomed into their new families, so they usually dance with their new in-laws. Also, it is customary immediately after this for the maid of honor to dance with the groom, and the best man to dance with the bride. Once the welcome dances are over, all the guests take to the dance floor and the celebration continues. There is no longer a particular order; everyone dances with whoever they want. As the guests are not expected to show any special dancing skills, once the mandatory dances between the bride and the groom and between them and their families are completed, the reception turns more informal and everyone is free to have as much fun as they want, dancing to specially selected music (be it live music or records).
By: Fine Art Nature Photography

Fine Art Nature Photography


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